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Here are selected technologically related art works by Eugene Soh

The Overview Installation a.k.a. CCTV Goggles (2013)

The Overview Installation, quite literally, transforms the way we see the world and ourselves. Donning one of the sets of modified goggles, a participant’s normal viewpoint is replaced by an image streamed from closed-circuit televisions. Moreover, varied configurations in the goggles and CCTV feeds allow for differing kinds of perspectives: from the third-person or ‘god view’ from above; to the second-person or ‘vice-versa’ image that two participants will see of, and from, each other; and that of lateral vision, which simulates the perspective that most animals possess, such as lizards and horses.

The Overview Installation delves into the world of augmented reality, in which vision is mediated – and enhanced, or perhaps complicated – through the digital eye. Once the domain of science fiction and spy novels, the technology used in this interactive work is now common in warfare, gaming, surveillance and indeed, daily life, where every smartphone comes equipped with GPS-tracking and cameras. Even as it allows the participant to experience and see through unusual points-of-view, the work effectively dislocates normal perception, and the initial effect is disorienting. Yet the radically different visual information received by the brain prompts a cognitive adaptation, and triggers a heightened sense of bodily and spatial awareness as the participant can no longer rely on habitual action, and must learn to negotiate the space anew.

exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum, The Art, Science Museum and in Amsterdam (Kulter)

The Overview at Singapore Art Museum
The Overview Installation in Amsterdam (Kulter)

Kinect Fighter (2017)

Always thought a fighting game like this was the obvious use of the Kinect. I was surprised no one did it this way! The ones people made use gesture recognition and everyone knows its not the same as direct mo-cap fighting!

Vision Swapping Experiment (2014)

This is the second series of experiments exploring out of body experiences – this time from another person’s perspective.

Gallery.sg (2014)

Gallery.sg is an online gallery built on a multiplayer first person shooter game engine! This was were the first Web Art Movement 2013 was exhibited. The video above is a recording of its opening night!

First group photo in gallery.sg

Web Art Movement (2013)

The WebArt Movement is a project where 56 one-worded .sg domains are acquired and made available FREE for web artists world wide to adopt and leave their mark.

Eugene Soh talking about the Web Art Movement at TEDx

Pong (2012)

Interactive Pong game projection

Instant Music Video (2012)

The idea behind this Installation is to prove Eugene’s theory of music videos.
1. Any footage will fit any song, as long as it is cut right.

Yea, this was made with a few floor pressure sensors, 2 web cams.