Dude’s Name Card


That is the front and back of my name card. I told myself to keep it simple, keep it honest. These cards are now limited edition because my next cards will be of a different design printed by different people.


Dawn Jay – Liar

Dawn Jay – Liar music video by Eugene Soh (dude.sg)
Show this super quick in 2 days. lol

Monkey King – Hai

Dude.sg goes to Thailand to shoot a music video for Monkey King.

Africa 2009 (Instant MTV)

This is an installation piece that helps you make a music video instantly!

Mauritius (The Urchins)

The word “urchin” has two meanings. 1. a mischievous boy 2. a sea urchin It’s a Mauritius beach with 3 urchins and a security guard.

Italy 2010 (Video)

Inspired by the Visa guy! Featuring my baby nephew who tagged along. This video will help him remember that he visited the country at age 1!