Eugene Soh

Eugene Soh a.k.a. DUDE (b. 1987) is a computer programming genius who accidentally became an artist when his photographic piece, contextualizing Da Vinci’s Last Supper in a local hawker centre setting, surfaced on social media. That discovery, with its tongue-in-cheek commentary on contemporary life in Singapore, catapulted him into the art world. He has since been a full time artist who codes really well. This is his blog.

New York 2010

We went to New York for a while and shot a little video.  

Professional Portraits

I don't always shoot professional portraits but when I do, I have fun while shooting them.

Drunk Dude Goes Home

Hello everyone, is very very proud to present – Drunk Dude Goes Home! This game was made last semester… hope you have fun playing it :) Leave a comment –  tell me how many Beers out of five you got or something, that sorta stuff. Play Drunk Dude Goes Home here! http://Drunk.Dude.Sg Credits Producer, Programmer: Eugene Soh, Lead Artist: Hong...

Italy 2010

We went to Italy to see the original Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Last Kopitiam with the original last supper at Santa Maria della Grazie, Milan at st. Peter's Square again! This time with mittensBehind the scenes of the Italy Video is now a site dedicated to a Rebecca Black From the Dustland Children series    

Eugene’s Brew

Eugene brews his own beer. Eugene's experimental brewery 2010. Eugene's Brew is also known as Dude's Brew. The beer is too strong now but the best beer in the world is on its way!     That's me, brings you to anyway. "For now they are all too strong and taste bad. But the BEST BEER EVER is on its way!"

Good Morning Papa!

That is my nephew Kaikai!!! He tries to wake his father up the morning after my sister's ( birthday celebration. BIG CORN BIG CORN BIG CO.. *knocks into camera*